1st Night & 1st Visitors

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Here are a few pictures from Sabriya's 1st night. We had one scary moment when her blood pressure dropped to 77/35 and more than 1/2 a dozen nurses came running into the room. They loaded her with fluids and by about 4:30am was able to get it back to 97/43. They told us that it was from the loss of blood during the surgery and from the epidural. Thank you for continuing to cover her in prayer even after the surgery.  The 3rd picture is of Sabriya and Nurse Aleena, who so far has been voted by Sabriya as "The BEST Nurse Ever." She was the sweetest person and really spoiled it for any other nurse coming behind her. There's Dr. Karlen in picture #4 checking in on the patient and his handy work.

Her 1st visitors which was kind of restricted to immediate family in order to give Sabriya time to adjust to all that was going on. Picture #1 - Dad & Shamesha. Picture #2 Big brothers Ken & Will. Picture #3 Shanel, Santana, Shamara, Malaysia & Marcus. Picture #4 look who manage to get on the other side of the lens, it's me, mom/Anna/the person always behind the camera.

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