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Monday, August 20, 2012

Well the day has come, it is time for Sabriya's surgery and just in case you missed why we are at this point of surgery today here is a little bit of what brought us to this point... after several months of doctor visits, MRI's, X-rays, 2nd and 3rd opinions, it was determined thats she has what is referred to as DDH, bilateral developmental hip dysplasia with the right hip being worse than the left. This is my understanding of the issue: the ball of the hip is not properly fitting in the socket which is what protects it and so its starting to wear, causing degeneration on the right hip = PAIN! Basically this is something found in much older adults, very rare for kids her age.  

So here we are waiting before surgery... the 1st picture is in admitting while waiting to be admitted. We arrived about 5:15AM and was checked in and sent up to Pre-OP by 5:30AM.  Surgery is scheduled for 7:30AM.  The 2nd picture is of her big sisters Jenny & Santana who are both nurses here at PCH. They were both still at work when we arrive and came to spend some time with us during the "waiting period." The 3rd picture is of Big Mark "daddy" who says that he wasn't sleeping here but praying over his baby girl :) And then the 4th picture is of Dr. Karlen explaining things to Sabriya and us.

In these shots, they are doing some of the prep work (like the IV) and explaining/answering questions for us... also we have been notified that the surgery has been delayed until 12 noon. Just before 12 we were told that the surgery had been delayed again until 1pm... At 1pm they came in to tell us that everything was almost ready. At this point we have been at the hospital about 7 hours waiting and because Sabriya couldn't eat anything, we were reluctant to eat as well because we didn't want her to feel bad. Aren't we just the best parents? :) and isn't she just the prettiest little patient?
Okay 8 hours after arriving and several delays later it is finally time to go back to the operating room... here we are getting our last hugs & kisses in!  Nurse Sean was really cool, so we had to get him in one of our pictures. Isn't she a brave little solider, looking stronger than her parents in holding it all together. We were suppose to be hugging her, giving her those last encouraging words but doesn't it look like she was the one doing that for us... "Mom & Dad, everything is going to be just fine, I'll see you in just a little while, now go ahead and wait for me where they tell you to so they can get started."
Here's Nurse Sean again wheeling her back to the OR, I just wanted to run, snatch her out of that bed and run for the parking lot... but I didn't, I just watched until she was out of my sight and then I CRIED and we went obediently to the waiting room with all the other families who were waiting for their darling children also in various OR rooms undergoing surgeries.  One of the coolest things during this waiting period was that nurses and doctors kept coming out to the families, giving them updates on how things were progressing in the OR. 
We are waiting here in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) or RECOVERY for our little sleeping beauty to awake.  She did well, the first question she asked when she finally awoke: "Shannon didn't go into labor did she?" I just laughed, she must have had this on her mind before going under, haha! Her other memorable moment was when she admitted that she had thoughts that she might not wake up from the surgery. Oh boy, talk about your own fears being put right in your face... but that's where prayer brought us through.
Taking her to her room... here is a 28 year PCH veteran nurse who gave us a little history of the hospital from it's beginning.  Phoenix Children's Hospital was opened within Good Samaritan Hospital in 1983 where they rented two floors for nearly 20 years and then purchased the old hospital here and began the growth process to the 11 story tower you see today located at 20th Street & Thomas.
Out of the surgical ICU and all ready to recuperate in her room with little to do but sleep, read, watch TV, sleep some more, chat with her visitors, eat and sleep some more. Much of the time, that is.  And when she's short on visitors she will have all the nurses, doctors, specialists, and therapists, each having a particular mission, to keep her entertained.  And you all know those folks in the bottom picture, don't ya?  More big sisters (Shamara & Shanel) and her little itty bitty niece Malaysia who came by to tuck her in for the night.

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ebonyblu said...

So happy to know everything went well. Praying for a speedy recovery.

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