So Much to be THANKful for!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time (and hopefully one of many during the entire year!) to reflect on all that you have been given and the endless list of things to be thankful for. Family is such a precious gift! A delicious Thanksgiving meal, stories, games, and deep meaningful conversations made this weekend memorable and another special memory to tuck away to enjoy in the future.

This could be a Christmas card photo... but it's NOT! Haha!
Coming soon Lyfe as a Smith Family Christmas Photo Shoot 2012

Our MEAL! I want to eat this all over again, YUM!
We have OFFICIALLY outgrown this table!  What do you think?

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Sabriya's 14th Birthday

Sunday, November 18, 2012

They say that a 14th birthday is not a landmark birthday like 18 or 21--no special privileges like voting or legally consuming alcohol go along with turning 14 years old. Still, the 14th birthday, like every birthday, is worth celebrating because it means another year of life.  You are such an amazing young lady – as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside. I have watched your self-confidence explode this year and it makes me chuckle to watch you with your “swagger”. I wish I could give you all the treasures in the world and I appreciate your understanding when I can’t. I hope that the memories and traditions that we’re building as a family will be what you remember many years from now because those are what’s most important in life.

Well, although they say that turning 14 isn't a landmark birthday, we decided to make it one for you... You really only wanted ONE thing for this birthday, and you asked, and asked, and asked for months trying to get us ready for this moment.  But as your birthday dawned we didn't breath a word about your request but we knew you were waiting.  After family time with dinner, cake and presents we simply told you that we had to go somewhere, and we got in the car and drove.  I could tell you were a little sad after opening your presents and not seeing any sign of that one present you had asked for :( :( :(   That was until you saw what business we pulled up to - Professional Body Piercing in Tempe.  Your face lit up, because you knew then that your one birthday wish was going to come true.  Well, I think we did it, we made your 14th birthday a "landmark" one that I am pretty sure you will always remember.

Happy Birthday, baby – I love you to the moon and back again!

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Reggie's 24th Birthday

Monday, November 12, 2012

We celebrated Reggie's 24th Birthday with most of the family, at his favorite pizza joint Barro's.  After pizza, wings, mozzarella sticks and cheesy garlic bread we headed over to Reggie & Mesha's for cake, ice cream and gifts.  Happy Birthday Reggie, I hear you have been enjoying your gift. SCORE!!!

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Catching Up

I have been busy blogging this weekend trying to catch up on the latest events happening in Lyfe as a Smith... so just clicked on the titles above each picture and you will be redirected to all the fun stuff & cool pictures for that event. ENJOY these with more to come...

The Pumpkin Patch way back yonder on October 27th

The Arizona State Fair back on October 28th
Halloween October 31st of course...
and on Baby Watch

The SheffieldOPOLY Baby Shower back on October 20th 

38 Week Checkup back on October 25th

Shamesha's Maternity Photo Shoot some photos taken at the baby shower and others at the pumpkin patch.

False Alarm back on October 29th

MiMi and her 5 Grands

Monday, November 5, 2012

This was our attempt at getting a picture of me with my FIVE precious grand babies. It was pretty funny stuff, trying to get all of us, or make that the 3 oldest grands to look at the camera all at the same time. There is one picture where Boston is missing all together, haha! 

Malaysia's 15 Month Checkup

Sunday, November 4, 2012

I think these pictures will tell it all... Malaysia had her 15th month checkup almost 2 weeks ago.  She loved chatting with Dr. Richardson until he wanted to start his exam.  She was scheduled for only 3 shots this time but ended up with a 4th because they highly recommend the flu vaccine.  She did really well with the shots, no after effects.  Next up 18 month checkup!

  • Weight 18.14 lbs - 4%  (she finally made it onto the chart:)
  • Length 29inc - 10-25%
  • Head 17 3/4 - 25-50%
  • Shots today: DTaP, Hib, VAR, Flu

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