And Therapy Begins

Monday, September 24, 2012

A little afternoon swim to begin Sabriya's therapy. Dr. Karlen had given us instructions to start her swimming as soon as her scar turned pink. He told us that swimming, because it's a low impact exercise, would help to improve her flexibility, strength and circulation.  And because 90% of her body is buoyant when in the water, there wouldn't be any stress on her joints. The buoyancy of the water supports her joints while encouraging a full and free range of movement.  Well pink it is and so we took her out to see what she could do. Not bad for her first try especially considering she hasn't used her leg in five whole weeks.

and look who came out to join Sabriya and PaPa...

isn't this the sweetest kiss EVER!

Trey Plays Flag Football

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Last Saturday, we went to watch our 4 year old grandson play his first game of flag football.  His dad, our oldest child, was one of the coaches and we enjoyed watching them together on the field.  We are pleased that Trey is getting a head start on learning and enjoying the game of football and we look forward to many years of games to come.  I captured a few pictures of the boys on the field and of us "the family" watching them.  We had so much fun and Trey thinks it's cool to have us all there cheering him on.  At one point, he pull someone's flag off and then just stood there looking at us, waiting for us to cheer for him.  It was too CUTE!


Visiting Ms. Lola

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Here we are just last Sunday getting to enjoy a little time with our newest granddaughter Ms. Lola.  There are a few more pictures of her birthdate over on Baby Watch (click).  Little Ms. Lola decided to make her arrival during one of the busiest weeks of our lives.  We were in the middle of shutting down our Honey Bear's store in Tempe (read about that here), by the way which just happens to be the store that her daddy manages.  Moving all of that stuff and setting up our Jefferson Street Kitchen to accommodate our East Valley deliveries, catering and special events was enormous.  Also, this was the same week that her mommy & daddy were moving into their new home. Oh, and adjusting our schedules for getting Sabriya back to school in a wheelchair (read about that here). Whew! It was a very overwhelming week but God always knows just where to insert his blessings... and He definitely knew that we needed a little ray of sunshine to get us through all of that and so viola Ms. Lola made her appearance.

Back-to-School & First Check-up

Friday, September 7, 2012

Look whose back in school only 2 weeks after her major surgery!  She had to go back in a wheelchair, but she wasn't going to let that stop her.  As much as she LOVES watching television, 2 straight weeks of not being able to do anything but sit in a recliner with the TV on was a bit too much even for her. SHE COULDN'T WAIT TO GO BACK! Her friends were really excited to have her back and I even over heard one of them say that it had been really quiet while she was gone.  Hmmm, now I wonder exactly what that means?  Look at the cute little "welcome back" sign that was hanging in her locker when she opened it.  Such sweet thoughtfulness!

Here we are for her 2 week check-up.  She is healing nicely according to Dr. Karlen.  They did a new set of x-rays and showed us how the bone is already starting to grow back.  The screws are still in place, THANK GOODNESS, cause I would have sworn that we had done almost everything wrong during this 2 week period between the surgery and this 1st check-up.  He told her that she didn't have to wear the BIG BLUE FOAM between her legs any longer. You would have thought that he told her she could get her belly pierce, Haha!  She was so happy to be done with that, she quickly ask the doc, "Can I sleep on my side again?"

So in 3 weeks when we go to see Dr. Karlen again, he said depending on how well she's done he might let her start standing on her leg.  Another really happy moment was when they took the bandages off and told her that she didn't need them any more.  He also told us that as soon as the scab falls off, he wants her to start swimming.  This will be the beginning of some of her therapy for recovery.
  1. As soon as she got home from the hospital, she started weaning herself off the meds. She went from every 4 hours to 8 hours between doses.
  2. Exactly one week after the surgery, she stopped taking the meds during the day time and only took them before bed.
  3. About 9 days after surgery, she slept through the night without any meds.
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