Opening SEASON!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

This will be the official site of the GCCS Girls "Varsity" Basketball. It's finally here! The start of the 2012 season... Here tonight for the opening game of the season and in support of player # 52 is the Lyfe as a Smith Family. Come and join the fun and excitement as this girls varsity team go head to head for a championship year. TUNE IN REGULARLY!

At the FREE throw line!

Grandma Barbara & Sabriya

Just a little bit of laughter during dinner at Red Robin's after the game...

Yo Ho A Pirate's Life for Me

Saturday, February 25, 2012

We celebrated Boston's 2nd Birthday today with a Pirate themed birthday bash.... and family.

Today is all about cakes, sweets, toys and fancy decorations. Do you know why? Because it is the Birthday of the cute little PIRATE that you are.  You may be little in size, but you bring loads of happiness to everyone around you.  I can't wait for the day that you are old enough to read and understand this heartfelt wish that I am leaving here on your Birthday.  I've loved watching you grow in the first two years of your life and my wish for you is that the rest of your life is as loving and warm as your first two years have been.  Happy Birthday Boston, Love MiMi!

See more details on Shannon & Mark's Family Blog: Ahoy Matey's Boston's 2!  

I get some of the BEST pictures of our little BOSSY, the camera really loves him & so do we!

Walking the PLANK or not!
Being 2 cute is just what you do, it comes natural to someone turning 2 like you. Happy Birthday Boston!
OMGosh Our Pirate PRINCESS!

Isn't this the cutest pirate cake?

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