Wednesday, October 31, 2012

We took Malaysia out Treat-or-Treating for a little while this Halloween, she was only 3 months old last year at this time. Several of our neighbors remembered her from last year, she was dressed as Tinkerbell then, and they remembered her being so tiny. Well this year, she's walking of course and it didn't take her long to figure out exactly what to do. Before long she was walking up to the door and in her baby talk was definitely saying Trick-or-Treat. We only made it up and down 2 streets but she was definitely the neighborhoods favorite little Trick-a-Treater. She was a pretty little pumpkin this year and she charmed every single person who she passed on the streets.  Happy Halloween Malaysia, can't wait to see what you are up to next year.  Love MiMi!

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State Fair

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Rides galore, with tons of things to see and do that's the state fair... You don't have to like rides to have a good time here. There's plenty to see, do and eat to keep you entertained for quite a few hours. Tons of food! Cotton candy, turkey legs, hot dogs and tons more to eat. Trust me, you won't go hungry!  Free shows and things to do. THE ANIMALS! They have cows, Llamas, chickens, birds, pigs, goats, the whole 9 yards. Every year they have concerts here, some free some not but the concerts are fun if someone you like should come into town. Anyways, we basically went to the fair so we could see what Malaysia would do and she didn't disappoint us, she was enjoying everything she could although we were disappointed that she wasn't even close enough to the 36" required for her to ride the rides.  But she enjoyed the music and the lights and the games and the fun stuffed animals that we all won.  I think it might be a couple of years before she reaches that 36" but we'll probably go back again next year anyways.

Pumpkin Patch 2012

Saturday, October 27, 2012

We joined a parade of other families at Tolmachoff Farms in Glendale, operated by a four generation family the farm offered games, rides, pumpkins and all around fun in a country fair atmosphere. They offer a large variety of pumpkins to choose from, as well as haystacks, corn stalks and gourds. We also enjoyed the snack bar, pony ride and a petting zoo. A fun place and unforgettable, ultimate holiday outing for the whole family! 


Thursday, October 11, 2012

3 times a week for 8 weeks... recommended by Coach Timmer, we selected Chandler Physical Therapy for Sabriya's rehabilitation.  With only 2 appointments down and many more to go, we feel that we have made the right selection.  Our overall 1st experience was great.  Dr. Eric Christensen, PT, DPT was very professional and showed a wealth of knowledge concerning his treatment techniques.  He instructed Sabriya on several good exercises that she can do on her own at home.  And he was willing to answer any questions with explanation so that we understood the why & how.  The staff was very friendly and made the experience for me as a parent comfortable enough to place my child's care in their hands. 

I'm a Little Fish & I Like to Swim

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Malaysia's 1st swim lesson was a HUGH success. She did fantastic! The teacher Ms. Melanie, was so loving and gentle, she taught them to swim to the side, use their hands to walk along the edge and then climb out of the pool. They learned the necessary skills to basically save themselves if they were to fall into a pool. Now of course we will need several more lessons before she actually catches on to all of this but she did really well listening.

Here is our little princess walking into class...

From the viewing room, she is watching the other kids in the pool.  Don't you just love how she's standing on her tippy toes so she can see?

It's time to get my swim on!

After class...

she was hiding in the little dressing rooms...

6 Week Checkup

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sabriya went yesterday for her 6 week checkup and guess what, she can start walking on her leg again but not without crutches.  Dr. Karlen said that her flexibility is really good, he was giving her a really good stretch as you can see in the 2nd picture below.  And in the last picture below WALA she's standing...
Here is the x-ray picture of her hip... you can see 3 of the 4 pins (the long white things).  All the white cloudy looking stuff around the pins is new bone that is growing and this is exactly what Dr. Karlen wanted to see.  And because of that growth we can say BYE BYE to...

THIS!!! I certainly didn't mind waiting on Sabriya during this recovery time, I really counted it as a privilege BUT I have to tell you that I definitely will not miss lifting this wheelchair in and out,  out and in, of my car twice a day. WHEW this thing is H-E-A-V-Y!

And here we are back at school today with only her crutches.  Walking of course, or should I say putting pressure down on her foot is a little hard but she's doing pretty good.  Therapy will start soon...

Malaysia's 1st Gym Class

Monday, October 1, 2012

And she absolutely, positively, without a doubt LOVE IT! I'm just not sure who enjoyed it most, Malaysia, her parents, her MiMi and Auntie Shanel, the teacher or the 2 other parents who paid more attention to Malaysia than they did their own little ones. Haha!  OMGosh this little girl steals the show no matter where she goes.  Isn't she just the perfect little model for this hot little leotard number?  She's in the Mini Bee's Parent & Tot class which is for ages walking to 24 months.  During her time in class she will get to enjoy the trampolines, foam pits, and many other great gymnastics equipment.

She loved doing everything.
She wasn't to sure about jumping on this.
She wasn't even heavy enough to sink.
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