Happy 29th Birthday Santana

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Today is your 29th birthday. While I am sure you are thinking, "One more year until 30! Oh my!" I'm thinking, "Where did 29 years go? It seems like yesterday the nurses placed you in my arms and I fell in love with you. I took one look at your pitch black hair and tiny dimpled nose and never looked back. I have loved you every minute of every day since the day you were born and will continue to do so through eternity. I have so many memories of you as a child that I hold near and dear to my heart... your first steps, your first tooth lost, your first trip with grandma without me, your first day of high school... too many to list but I think you get the point. Each one of those memories is stored in the depths of my❤️they are more precious than diamonds or rubies and more treasured than any earthly possession. I can't imagine life without your chapters written in, we would just never be complete. I am so very proud of you and so very thankful to God for the blessing you are to me and to those who know and love you. I love you so my daughter and I will never cease to pray that God will guard and keep you safe within His love each day. May you be guided by His word in all you say and do, for all the pride of life for me is centered in you. Happy birthday sweetheart enjoy every year God gives you for with every year comes more precious moments and memories and that is what life is all about. The fragrance of your love adds warmth to our home... Love, Mom

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