Malaysia's Eye Doctor Appointment

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

For several months now we catch Malaysia lowering her head and squinting really hard when trying to focus. I had a suspicion that possibly she may be having some eye problems so we made an appointment with a pediatric eye specialists.  Sure enough, before the doctor even began to exam her, he said, "Oh yes, she is definitely nearsighted." I was like, "Wow, how can you tell that so quickly?" He responded that he could tell from the way the lights reflected off her pupils. He also told us that it was a very good thing that we noticed her squinting and brought her in because a lot of parents miss this in early childhood. And that it was also very rare to have someone so young to need such a strong prescription.  She is a -7.00 in her right eye and a -3.25 in her left.

She was her normal charming self during most of the appointment and didn't have any issues with the exam until they wanted to put the drops in for the 2nd time... it was all over then and by the time the doctor was ready for his part of the exam it took mom, nurse and doc to get it done while MiMi capture pictures and video for memories.

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