Visiting Ms. Lola

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Here we are just last Sunday getting to enjoy a little time with our newest granddaughter Ms. Lola.  There are a few more pictures of her birthdate over on Baby Watch (click).  Little Ms. Lola decided to make her arrival during one of the busiest weeks of our lives.  We were in the middle of shutting down our Honey Bear's store in Tempe (read about that here), by the way which just happens to be the store that her daddy manages.  Moving all of that stuff and setting up our Jefferson Street Kitchen to accommodate our East Valley deliveries, catering and special events was enormous.  Also, this was the same week that her mommy & daddy were moving into their new home. Oh, and adjusting our schedules for getting Sabriya back to school in a wheelchair (read about that here). Whew! It was a very overwhelming week but God always knows just where to insert his blessings... and He definitely knew that we needed a little ray of sunshine to get us through all of that and so viola Ms. Lola made her appearance.


ebonyblu said...

Congrats Anna. She's beautiful!

MissCmill said...

Anna congrats to the family. Another cutie pie.

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