Turning 48 & Proud of My Age

Saturday, August 11, 2012

I recently celebrated my 48th birthday. It's kind of weird, it seems like such a BIG number and to think that 50 is just around the corner (Lord willing) but I still have two years to brace myself and to start adjusting to the idea... I am still in reasonably good health. I do not smoke, I eat relatively healthily, I don't drink alcohol, I excercise somewhat excessively:) I have no heart condition, no diabetes, no thyroid problems - things that some of my friends, even younger ones, have. My blood pressure is low, and I don't suffer with cholesterol issues. I don't take medication. My worst problems are an occasional flare up of a pinched sciatic nerve and being tired. I am thankful for my good genes and for my wisdom in taking care of myself and I am proud to say that I've become stronger, happier and wiser with age.  So overall turning 48 makes me grateful and proud of my age!

A few birthday surprises and my 3 birthday pies,
no cake for this girl!
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