Saturday, August 11, 2012

When you guys were over on Wednesday night for dinner, just prior to you all heading home, I saw Boston streak by the office and headed upstairs.  I follow him only 1/2 way up and called to him to come back down, after a couple of minutes he did so.  I asked him what he was doing but of course he couldn't answer me and so we headed back down.  I knew that he had went up there with a purpose and I also thought that he was carrying something but he didn't have anything in his hands when he came back down so I just kind of blew it off...  well low and behold look what I found while putting towels away earlier?  Hahaha, he hid the Thomas railway tracks, I'm assuming because he didn't want Trey or more likely Malaysia to play with it.  Hahaha, still laughing, little stinker!

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