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Saturday, December 17, 2011

I can remember as a child there was no way I could fall asleep Christmas eve. If I did, it was only from pure exhaustion. The excitement, and anticipation of what the first light of dawn would bring..................PRESENTS!!!!

They say that no one gets more excited about Christmas than the little children but I'm not so sure that is true...  there is a strong competition going on in this family for that #1 spot although neither of the participants know it.  So lets see if you can help me choose which one is more excited for Christmas, my 3 year old grandson or my 20 year old daughter?

When Trey comes over to visit, it is hard to keep him away from the Christmas tree with all the presents wrapped and waiting for his little fingers to tear into.  I can feel his excitement and slight confusion as to why he simply can't open them NOW! He's just short of counting them to tell me how many are his (next year he'll have that down) and trust me he knows.  Each visit he goes to the tree and touches each present and says this one is Trey's, this one is Trey's, this one is Trey's... then he'll move over to the Boston's and do the same thing, 1 by 1 and then he'll do Malaysia's.  It is so sweet!  How does he know which is which, well that's because his MiMi has color wrapped their presents. Trey's are red with Cars characters, Boston's are blue with Toy Story characters, and Malaysia's are PINK! Oh, and each present has a sticker with their faces on them instead of regular gift tags, smart huh? Nope just a Pinterest idea LOL!  Well, let's move on to our next contestant...

Each day of December she sleeps on the couch next to the Christmas tree. Need I say more?  She is reaaaaaaly excited for Christmas.  Poor Marcus (boyfriend) told her a couple of weeks ago that she was too old to be making a Christmas list, that was NOT the thing to tell this Santa Baby, ask Marcus.  She goes to the tree everyday and sits and looks at the presents, she is just short of opening them when no ones around and rewrapping them, Haha!  She touches them, shakes them, and wishes and wishes and wishes...  Each day, she listens to Christmas music, look at all the pretty Christmas decorations on Pinterest, window shops online, reorganizes her Wish List and just wonders what else she could possibly do to pass the time until Christmas comes...  In her own words, "I love Christmas, it always brings a certain excitement for me and it really is one of my favorite times of the year."

SO CAST YOUR VOTES and let's see if the old saying is true - "No one gets more excited about Christmas more than the little children." - or did this 20 year old prove that to be "not so true?"  Merry Christmas Everyone!

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