Turning 47

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Well all, I actually celebrated my 47th birthday a couple of weeks ago, but have been very lacking in blogging due to the early arrival of our granddaughter, Malaysia.  So for the last 2 weeks, on top of the normal stuff that goes on in Lyfe as a Smith, I have had my hands full "literally :)" getting to know this precious little girl ~ can you feel my smile and hear my heart singing???

Anyways, TURNING 47, what does that mean?
  • My perspective. Today I turned 47 (actually, Sunday, July 17th)
  • It's been 30 years since I turned 17...
  • Life's outlook is different.

  • You have different goals in life - mines are still evolving around my family (my husband, my children, my grandchildren, our business)...
  • Your body changes.
  • You are definitely smarter, more wiser.
  • The "cougar" thing could be true... haha!
  • You find out that when you've been married for more than 20 years, love evolves into something different.
  • You want to try new things ~ if only I could find the time...
  • You miss your babies being babies (sometimes) - if that feeling gets to strong for me, I now have 3 grandbabies to borrow til that moment is over :).
  • Not really sure what the appropriate dress is but if you have it, flaunt it.
  • You feel more content with yourself, with your life...
  • You see 50 as being pretty darn young.
  • "I wish I would have done that differently" attitude fades and you live for today not for yesterday.
  • You know who you are and that is BEAUTIFUL regardless if you're 27, 37 or 47.
  • Interested in new hobbies and dare to do so.
  • You take care of yourself more.
  • You are more thankful.
  • You walk with more grace and understanding (okay sometimes).
  • You celebrate & embrace life.
  • You are more accepting & more tolerant and very cognizant & grateful of your blessings...
  • You don't feel guility spending time doing things you love, such as creating or shopping for treasures to create with ~ taking pictures & blogging...
  • Life is getting simpler but so much faster...
  • The old is gone and the new is reborn.
  • You still have 3 more years to become one of those annoyingly fit, fast, fifty year olds... and that's why I'm back to running outside again.

The BIRTHDAY BREAKFAST @ Einsteins Bagels

and now Saving the BEST for LAST.... I wasn't allowed to look at the gift that was being handed to me by Shanel so I had to avert my eyes in another direction as she handed it to me.

drum roll please...

at this point I still haven't seen what this is, it was handed to me backwards making the suspense even deeper...you are actually seeing it before me!

TA DA' the gift is revealed and what a surprise it was, let me tell you. These children of mine were behind my back SCHEMIN' ya hear... they picked a date, got the photographer, and drove out of town somewhere and took this picture (there are more), had it developed and framed, and THEY ALL kept it a SECRET from me.

Hmmmm, I tell you they are after my own heart... THERE IS NO, ABSOLUTELY NO BETTER GIFT IN THE WORLD & to have them top it off as a secret WOW, I was speachless.  To my dear, dear family I LOVE YOU ALL BUNCHES & BUNCHES & BUNCHES!!!  How in the world are you EVER going to top this one?  xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Does It Get Any Better Than This?????


ebonyblu said...

Anna it looks like you had a wonderful day. You deserve it. May the Lord bless you with many more.

Anna said...

Thank you Shelia, it was relaxing and great... xoxo

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