First Day of 7th Grade

Friday, August 19, 2011

Only 2 pictures and those I had to sneak because my 7th grader doesn't think pictures are cool right now... anyways, Sabriya is offically a 7th Grader which means she will be in high school wayyyyyyyyyyyy to SOON and I came to the harsh realization that my daughter is growing up. While on some level I understand that this has to happen eventually, I would prefer that eventually was much farther in the future!  It seems like only yesterday, Mark was coaching her 3 year old soccer and basketball teams.  Sometimes I walk into her room late at night... her sleeping form takes up way more space than I ever expected from a little one who once shared an abode the size of a basketball between my hips and ribcage.  5 foot 7 and not showing any signs of topping out any time soon. The youngest of our gang seems likely to pass them all.  And the feet! 9 1/2...  whatever happened to all those cute little sneakers with the blinking lights?  Lately I even discovered her wearing a set of heeled shoes and jewerly that she got from big sister Shamara's stuff.  I'm not sure I'm ready for this!

Fortunately I have found a way to deal with the situation, I close my eyes and it turns out that most of what comes out of her mouth still sounds like a little girl - asking questions about math homework, objecting to cleaning her room, comparing notes about her teachers with her friends, giggling uncontrollably, etc.  She doesn't act like a women yet, even though I know that day is coming - too soon.

If I keep my eyes closed, I can imagine I still have a little girl running around the house. Now if I can just stop bumping into things...

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