Telling it BACKWARDS!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sabriya & Mark took a quick trip to Utah a week ago for a basketball tournament. I stayed home because right now with Shamara that is just what I have to do. But it was a good father-daughter trip for the two of them. My title "Telling it BACKWARDS" is because the first picture in this post is of Sabriya holding the WINNING Trophy, and if I was telling this story in order then it would have been one of the last photos, but I am too excited about their win to not post the WIN 1st. And yeah that's right, her team went to Utah and whipped some butt. Now I didn't give Mark a long list of To-Do's, he only had ONE instruction - DON'T COME HOME WITHOUT PICTURES! Oh okay, two instructions, the 2nd being "Don't be mean to my baby."  He did so good, and you know how I know, because 1) here are the pictures and 2) Sabriya didn't even call me 1 time...


1 comment:

ebonyblu said...

Yea Sabriya and yea Mark. Congrats on your trophy.

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