Just Bri'

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Although these 2 pictures have actually been in earlier posts, I pulled them out and knew that I wanted to use them in a post all by themselves just to highlight our little girl "BRI." She amazes me with all she puts into the different activities she does and how she effortlessly transitions from one event / sport to the next. These were actually taken a few weekends ago when she had both a basketball tournament and a dance competion (same 3 days) and we were running (driving) between the 2 events on totally opposite sides of Arizona (Buckeye to Mesa). Personally I think she is just as cute a basketball player as she is a dancer. She's our SPORTY GIRL! and we love her bunches.

1 comment:

ebonyblu said...

Just a cute as she was as a toddler. Way to go Bri!

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