Shanel's 20th Birthday

Friday, June 10, 2011

Today is Shanel's 20th Birthday... and we did a mother/daughter hike up Camelback Mountain to start her day because that is what she wanted to do.  We left the house around 4:30AM and was on the trail by 5AM
in her new hot PINK Victoria Secret shorts...

NEXT UP was salads at Paradise Bakery (which I forgot to snap a few pictures of) and then PEDICURES with a couple of her sisters at Passion Nails & Spa in Chandler...  does it surprise anyone that she had her entire day & ours planned for........... months ahead.  Haha, that's our Nellie!

NOW for my favorite part of ANY DAY/ANY EVENT... "Family Time"

and DINNER IS SERVED... grilled rib eye, garlic mashed potatoes, steamed veggies and Texas Roadhouse Rolls, yummy!

DESSERT ~ no ordinary birthday cake for this 20 year old birthday girl ~ a FRUIT TART from AJ's was the desired sweet treat for this year's celebration.

LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!!!!  Here at Lyfe as a Smith, what's a celebration without getting in at least one family game.  Tonight's choice was The Game of... MAD GAB!  "...It's Not What You SAY, It's What You HEAR!"  You have 2 teams and the 1st team to get to 30 points WINS!  You score when a team solves a Mad Gab puzzle which consist of a set of unrelated words that when read aloud sound like familiar phrases, names, places, etc. For example: "Europe Lace Sore Mind" sounds like "Your Place Or Mine" once you say it out loud. You have to try to solve the puzzle before the timer stops. The trick is to not let the other team solve the puzzle before your team....  WARNING!  It's a Mad, Mad, Mad game and can get VERY LOUD!

The boy's decided that trains and cars were way more fun than Mad Gad...

Shanel's favortie part of ANY DAY!

Awww she's SAD about leaving her teens behind...


1 comment:

ebonyblu said...

It looks like Shanel had a wonderful day and the fruit tart looked so good. I miss Aj's and Trader Joe's.

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