GI Specialist # 1

Monday, August 23, 2010

At 12:00PM today, I went to see the first of two GI Specialists. Today's visit was with Dr. Rob Sawyer with Mesa Gastrointestinal Associates. Basically, I went through the details of my experience (should of just had him read my blog post), the hospital stay, what tests they performed, etc. We talked about the color of the blood I passed which was very black & clotted, and he explained to me that black blood usually means that there is an upper GI problem such as a bleeding ulcer. Because of this, he didn't understand why the doctors at the hospital hadn't performed the upper GI scope which they had originally said they were going to do.

Dr. Sawyer's recommendations were to first do the Upper GI scope or endoscopy which will visualize the interior of the esophagus, stomach and duodenum. This will be done at a surgery center as an outpatient procedure tentatively scheduled for September 7th.  The second prodecure that he wants to do is a medical imaging xray of the small intestines and this one is tentatively scheduled for September 14th.  The thing I remember most about my visit with Dr. Sawyer was him telling me that we could just wait to see if it would happen again. I will visit the second GI specialist on this Thursday and wait until then to make any definite decisions...

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