GI Specialist # 2

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Today was my appointment with the second GI specialist Dr. Daniel Meline with Arizona Digestive Heatlh in Scottsdale. Once again going over the entire episode of August 17th. The one thing that I remember most about my visit with Dr. Meline was listening to him explain to me that most of the time when people pass blood it's never as much as they think it is but that when blood mixes with the water in a toilet bowl it turns the entire bowl red and people tend to think that they actually have bleed that much when they really haven't. As I'm listening to him explain this, I'm thinking okay I'm gonna let him completely finish and then tell him that although that is probably true, that is not what happened in my case... but I didn't get the chance to say anything because as he's giving me this little speech he happens to glance over at my discharge summary from Banner Good Sam and sees the part where it details just how much blood I had actually passed so he says, Whoa, I guess you really did lose alot of blood." I was like, "Yes, I did and I was going to let you finish speaking and then explain that to you."

From that point he took a whole different attitude about my experience and what needed to be done going forward.  I shared with him my visit with Dr. Sawyer on Monday and what tests he had recommended and tentatively scheduled.  Dr. Meline agreed with having the upper GI scope next but felt that depending on what that test revealed or didn't reveal, his next recommendation would be the Capsule Endoscopy instead of the medical imaging xray because 1) it's the newer technology and 2) it doesn't involve putting radiation in the body as does the medical imaging xray.  So my decision was made, I choose Dr. Meline to be my personal GI Specialist - and the upper GI scope is schedule for Friday, September 3rd, and will be done Scottsdale Endoscopy Center in Scottsdale.

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