Migraine & M&M's

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Last Sunday I woke up with a terrible migraine (not sure if there is any other kind), I made it from my bed to the couch and couldn't/wouldn't move any further since movement meant more pain. I texted my kids who had went on to church to stop on the way home for M&M's (Why M&M's below.) They not only brought me M&M's but they also all got in the kitchen together and made breakfast (pancakes, eggs, bacon...), I love these guys, they are all so special and they make me feel SO VERY SPECIAL!

I am not a sickly person, I may get a cold every few years or so and that's about it and I am very thankful for being a reasonably healthy person. But a few years back I started getting migraines and it was something terrible. Any sort of movement was excruciating and having never experience such headaches, I didn't know what to do. After several days of this and it wasn't getting any better, a friend told me to eat chocolate preferably M&M's because of the pureness of the chocolate. Now I'm not a big juke food/candy type person either and needless to say this wasn't something I'd normally have, but at this point I was going to try ANYTHING. I just wanted to stop the pain. I remember getting in my car and driving to a Circle K, grabbing a handful of M&M bags. I was tearing into them before walking out of the store. No kidding, almost instantly the pressure from the migraine started to ease and I kept eating the M&M's. That episode lasted a few weeks and since then I've only experience the migraine thing a few times, this past weekend being one of them and so once again the M&M's were a success. Anna!


ebonyblu said...

Hi Anna, Thanks for the tip about the M&M's. Kristina suffers with migraine's too so I am going to pass on the info. I hope they work for her too.

Anna said...

Shelia, you are welcome and let me know if it works for her as well.

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