Sneaky Munchkin + Chubby Feet =

Friday, April 30, 2010

I am one of those people who believes that everything has a place and nothing should ever be left out of that place. So in being that way you could have probably guessed that I also believe that beds should always be made back up once you have awaken from your nights rest. Being the organized woman that I am and not being able to moved forward with my day otherwise, I also vacuum the floor everyday and no one is allowed back into the room until it is time to retire for the evening.  If Mark or the kids have ever mistakenly done so, they only made that mistake once. At some point in your life span you probably had some version of this said to you or you've heard someone else say it: "You didn't let us do that." or "Why does he/she get to do that, we didn't?" No one, absolutely no one has been allowed to walk on the carpet in my bedroom after it has been vacuum for years but for some unknown reason for the last 8-9 months, there's a little munchkin who has been sneaking into my room and leaving tiny little footprints all over the carpet when he visits...So of course my grown up kids want to know why this is acceptable when they weren't allowed and all I can I say is ... "Look at these cute little chubby things, how could I possibly chastised him for any such thing."


Mark, Shannon,Trey, Boston, & Lola said...

Thats hilarious!!!

ebonyblu said...

Those little feet are too cute and I wouldn't be able to chastise him either. Lol!

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