Celebrating 54 Years

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Today we get to celebrate this guys 54th birthday.  But although it's his birthday, my mind is filled with all of the gifts that he's given to me...

  • He endures many long hours and lots of hard work for us and our family.
  • He motivates me when I want to desperately give up.
  • His strength and determination eases the fears that I carry through life.
  • His calm softens the sharp edges of my anxiety.
  • I often get frustrated with how far we still have to go, and he'll calmly state, "But look how far we've come!"
  • He has protected, cushioned, and loved me through our struggles to build our family.
  • His level-headed nature reassures me that together, we can face anything with grace.
  • His silly side keeps me from taking life too seriously.
  • He brings a sense of stability to our lives that makes me feel safe.
  • When we argue about the kids or the business or just life (Yes, it happens!) with the accusations flying, words rising up, quick tongues lashing out, eyes shooting fire. When I snap at him and act like a spoiled teenager with the huffing and silent treatment... he forgives and forgets, he lets go and he moves on and he still says, he loves me.
  • He makes every day feel like it's my birthday and even though we've been through much, growing with him has been the greatest adventure and I'm glad it's not over yet.
So although we're so caught up in parent and grandparenthood, bills, running a business, planning, prepping, and surviving - I would never let his birthday come and go as just another day that ticks off that another year has passed.  He is the best father, husband, friend anyone could ask for, and we are very blessed to have him as ours.  Thank you Mark for a beautiful life and Happy 54th Birthday, I pray that God blesses you with many, many more wonderful ones to come.  I love you! 

Your wife, Anna

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