3 Birthdays, a Birth & a Family Reunion

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sabriya and I went home to Louisiana for a very full week of celebrations, some expected and some not so but still all a great blessing... my dad's 82nd birthday, my mom's 75th birthday, my niece Ka'leena's 2nd birthday, the Pete Family reunion, and not expected (at least not during my visit) the birth of my great niece and 23rd great grandchild of my parents, Ms. Avianna Pete-Richard.  Did I mention that Little Miss Ka'leena was born 2 years ago on my mom's 73rd birthday and that Little Miss Avianna was born this year on my mom's 75th birthday...  I told you we did a lot of celebrating.  We had a great time visiting with family although it was such a busy busy week that I didn't get to visit all of my family members :(  Oh, and I wouldn't dare forget to tell you all that I had the honor of actually being in the delivery room for the birth of lil' Ms. Avianna who came in weighing a whoppin' 8lbs 2oz. WOW, that was a really special moment that I will always cherish and I'm kind of tickled pink that her name has part of my name in it... that would be ANNA! Love it!

You don't want to miss this little jewel below... click on it to make it larger to view.  This was my birthday gift for my mom & dad.  Every time I visit my parents, my dad always asks me to update him on how many grandkids and great grandkids they now have... so I made this little 8x8 book for them complete with pictures of their 11 kids, 34 grandkids and 22 great grands.  I even included my own little disclosure in the book stating that "at the time this book was printed" that was the head count because with God's blessings my parents will have 5 more great grandkids by the end of 2012.  The count has already increased by 1 for the great grands with the birth of Ms. Avianna. 

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