The Final Pictures

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Shamesha & Reggie there was no question when walking away from your wedding day that you both are extremely and utterly adored by others. Your relationships with each other and with your family and friends is based on a unfaltering friendship that is strong beyond belief. We admire your character, and respect your love. we were so thrilled to celebrate your beginning with you and look forward to seeing your love prosper throughout the years knowing that with the good and the bad, and the ups and with the downs… it’s all part of the experience.  Love Mom!

Here are the final pictures from your wedding day and the day after.  It has been a pleasure to sort through all of these and post them here for the two of you and our large extended family and friends.  I hope that everyone has enjoyed them as much as I have and will come back from time to time and revisit the memories.   There are 6 final posts, you will need to click on each one individually if you want to see all of the pictures.

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