Mark2's 28th Birthday

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

These pictures are just simply of us, the Smith Family doing life as we do it over here in Lyfe as a Smith... Just spending a couple of hours together to mark the 28th birthday of Mark 2. There are some pretty awesome things about having a big family.  Each of my children is a blessing, the sixth just as loved as the first. Try to envision how awesome it is to have a whole crowd of your family cheering and shouting or singing "happy birthday" in unison for whoever or whatever the occurrence may be.  At any given time there could be 5+ different conversations going on and the noise level can be atrocious but that alone is worth the extra chaos of a few more kids.  It may be noisy and messy at times, but it is a blessing much greater than any sacrifice there might have been.  There is always someone to giggle with; always someone who really loves to give advice and lend a shoulder; no one is ever bored; food rarely goes to waste; and you learn to share, to compromise, to forgive.  You also learn the true meaning of grace, how to be kind, and how to sacrifice. A house filled with riotous laughter... sorry but it doesn't get any better than that to me.  Are we any different than any other family NOPE, we are just a regular family who has a few more birthday cakes to make each year.  

Happy 28th Birthday Mark2, I hope you enjoyed our impromptu birthday celebration!


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Tranae said...

You have a beautiful family. God bless

Anna said...

Tranae, thank you for such a wonderful comment! Blessing to you as well. Anna

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