Easter 2012

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

CJ & Malaysia - their 1st Easter!
My Gang!

Momma Anna!
Ken, Shamara & Malaysia
Our Newlyweds 1st Easter!
CJ & his mommy Taylor


Malaysia & MiMi

PaPa & MiMi - Dad & Mom

Shamara & Izzy
Izzy & Shanel
Sabriya & Izzy
Malaysia & her Mommy

Deveron, Izzy & Shanel
Shanel & Anna

MiMi & her Grandbabies
Reggie & Shamesha

Gathering to eat lunch...

Shannon & Shanel
Mark, Anna & Kirk (Mark's brother)

We decided or rather MOM decided to have our lunch outside since it was such a beautiful Spring day!  My motivation of course is that being outdoors always makes pictures so much more pretty and I am pretty proud of my Easter table settings and I hope you will be too.
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We made all kinds of delicious stuff for our lunch today: Turkey and PB&J sandwiches cute into bunnies and egg shapes for the kiddos.  Tuna salad, pasta salad, strawberry & walnut salad, jerk chicken, jello jiggles, potato salad, deviled eggs... just to name a few!  Everything was so good and believe it or not most of my girls came over right after church and worked right beside me to get all this done and laid out in time for our 2 o'clock lunch.
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Well if you haven't figured it out yet, I have a thing for dessert bars, it is so bad that I am now looking for reasons to create one... well Easter was definitely a perfect opportunity and so here it is our Easter themed dessert bar.  WARNING: you may put on some calories by just looking at all of his sweet stuff!
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I was so not going to buy the boys stuffed bunnies or any such thing because they are such boys they just don't seem to be into them all that much.  That was until I happen upon these totally cute ALL BOY BUNNIES from the movie HOP!  I just couldn't pass them up, and of course there were only 2 left and without much thought they seemed to just hop right on into my basket. Haha!

The first two pictures are of the boys and Malaysia waiting for the Egg Hunt to begin, after that it's Ready, Set, Gooooooooo!  I did not get any pictures of the "older" kids hiding the eggs but really wish I had because I'm still not sure who had more fun - the big kids hiding them or the little kids finding them.  If you know my group then you know exactly what I'm talking about and can only imagine...

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