Disneyland 2012 Day #3

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Well it's time to go back home now, but before we hit the road we had a few fun moments as we joined Chef Goofy and some of the other favorite Disney Characters.  We dined on a wide selection of delicious dishes as we laughed amd snapped some memorable photos with Goofy and the gang.  There were five food stations featuring: Create your own omelet station, Mickey Mouse waffles and pancakes, French toast, sausage and bacon, eggs benedict, muffins, pasteries, and desserts, fresh fruit, breakfast enchiladas, chicken breast nuggets, Goofy's famous peanut butter pizza, soft serve frozen yogut with toppings...                                              

Trey getting Pluto's autograph!

Pluto is signing Boston's autograph book, but Boston was definitely keeping his distance.

Baloo just signed Trey's autograph book...

Trey, Auntie Shayla & Baloo!

PaPa, MiMi, Malaysia and Baloo!


Rafiki from the Lion King

Boston wasn't to charmed by any of the Disney Characters...

MiMi and her grandBABIES!
Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty

Pluto & PaPa

Whose the GOOFIEST? I think they were stealing the show from Pluto!

Pluto was stealing a kiss from Shanel!

Eating loads of ice-cream cones and sundaes; watching spectacular fireworks and having a blast on thrilling rides... is there anyone that doesn' t have FUN in Disneyland?  We always have fun every time we go, and it's always especially memorable because we get to watch Sabriya dance and NOW we get to add the grandkids into the mix... starting that magic cycle all over again, getting to watch the joy on their faces as they now get to experience the magic unique to Disney.
So until next year Mickey, Minnie and Friends!

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