A Nightmare!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I think having two recent rattlesnake visits within only a couple of days and now this was a little too much for my blood. I went to bed later than I needed to last night and was woken up by Shamesha at 11:30PM telling me that I had to come see the size of this spider that was on the wall right above the casita door. So I dragged myself out of bed, across the house, down the stairs to see what all the commotion was about... I SHOULD'VE STAYED IN BED... a GIGANTIC Tarantula!!!

I took one look and turned around leaving Mark, Shamesha and Reggie attempting to capture it in a tupperware container. Getting back into bed, I could hear them going on and on, and I guess I did realize before falling back to sleep that they had caught it and that it was in the kitchen SOMEWHERE!  I yelled out, telling them to tape down the top and with that on my mind I drifted back to sleep...

ONLY to wake up an hour later from a nightmare screaming. I was in the kitchen and the tarantula was growing fast, and it got so big that it was knocking the top off of the tupperware box. I reached over to hold the top down but the thing got out anyways and was biting me and I screamed - waking up myself and Mark. I think I scared him (Mark) more than myself, so much so that he got up without my even asking him too, turned the alarm off and took the tarantula outside on the patio... I guess he knew I wasn't going back to sleep with that thing in the house.

Okay, permission granted - you can laugh if you want to because Mark and I have been laughing all morning BUT it certainly wasn't funny at the time it happened.  I will NEVER AGAIN build or move into a house on the mountain preserves. END OF STORY!

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