It's Our Anniversary!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Today is our ANNIVERSARY! We started the day at church with the family and how appropriate that today's message was on "Relationships." After church we took the kids home and Mark & I spent some quality time alone without the kids. We went to lunch at Sauce in Chandler where we enjoy a couple of different types of thin crust chicken pizzas and topped that off with some really good cheese cake. After a leisurely lunch we went to see the movie Machete. Great lunch, not so great of a movie but priceless time spent together.

One thing that has always been very important to us and that we have made a priority in our lives is our family and so how could an anniversary celebration be complete without some type of celebration with the kids? So after our lunch and movie we gathered the kids (all who was available) and off we went to play some LASER TAG at Stratum in Mesa. I had never done this before so it took me a couple of games to get the hang of it but after that I had NO MERCY for anyone not even the little kids running around, if you weren't on my team you were gettin' zapped. I think Reggie, Ken and Shamesha monopolized the game... but the rest of us were doing our best to not be to far behind. Definitely something we'll look forward to doing again.


I love all the different sides of you. I love the tender side that makes me feel safe & protected. I love the playful side that can make ordinary times fun & fun times even more memorable... You're everything I wanted in a partner & a friend, & everything I need to feel loved. Happy Anniversary Baby! Song of Solomon 3:4


  • Adele James: Happy anniversary to the both of you. If everyone loved like the two of youu love, what a difference there would be in this world and relationships. I love you both.
  • Kendra Elliott Tillman: Happy Anniversary! You are great example to all of us younger married couples. May God continue to bless your marriage.
  • Joan Wax Guilliam: Happy Anniversary 2 U both !!
  • Kandi Andresen: Happy Anniversary to 2 awesome people. May the Lord continue to bless you in your marriage! You both are a great example to so many people. Keep growing in your love for our Lord and each other. Love you both.
  • Ruth M Zappe: Blessings and many more anniversaries to come! Thanks for your reflection of Jesus!
  • Becky Adams: Happy Anniversary to a great couple!
  • Pat Foley: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you both!!
  • Mona Ekstrand: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you & Mark! May God bless you with many more years filled with His abundant love & joy!
  • Santana Smith: Happy Anniversary to my parents!
  • Espi Mitchell: Happy Anniversary!!
  • Aubrey Carter: Awe yes Happy Anniversary to them!!!
  • Lorrie Loomer: Happy Anniversary!!!
  • Shanel C. Smith: Happy anniversary love u!!
  • Reggie Sheffield: Happy anniversary!!! Have fun on ur special day.
  • Mark C Smith II: Happy anniversary!!
  • Cammeron Clark: Happy Anniversary!
  • Elizabeth Clark: Happy Anniversary! Have a blessed day!
  • Frank Haynes: Happy Anniversary to Mark and Annadean! May you have many more great years together.

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