Trey's 'FAMILY" Birthday Celebration

Thursday, July 29, 2010

HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY TREY! 2 years gone by how time has flown can't believe how Trey has grown! Such a joy & so much fun, cute as a bug & so precious to hug! No longer a baby as his character comes out, we know he's around as he screams & shouts. From the time you get up til you go nighty night, hope your day is a special delight.
The best gift for the younger generation is a good example from the older generation. Ps 71:18

Today we celebrated Trey turning TWO with both the Loomer & the Smith families and we had a blast, complete with a homemade meal of chicken enchiladas, refried beans, spanish rice, guacamole & 2 differnt homemade cakes - one being the birthday cake of course. There were so many great pictures from the evenings festivities I couldn't pass up using lots of them in this birthday post so I decided to break the evening up into sections so here we go... Please note that this is just my version of the evening, you have to take a minute and drop in on Shannon's blog to see her version as well, just click here.  Shayla was here for the entire evening but slipped out just before this group shot but we truly missed having Tana, Shane, Shaw and Arie with us tonight...


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Shannon made the birthday cake and it was delicious, so much so that there was none left for leftovers... I sent her a message telling her that she was gonna have to make one for me to have all to myself. She laughed but I really was serious. You see the picture where Auntie Shamara is leaning over the table, well take a little closer look to see what she's really doing: she is encouraging/helping Trey to stick his fingers into the chocolate icing to get a taste. Shame on her! You can see the evidence left on his face on the following shots.
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Here are a few family shots of our celebrity birthday boy taking time out from his party to allow us to get a few personalized shots with each guest or almost each guest. As you scroll thru these shots you'll come across one of Auntie Shamara trying to take Trey's new basketball from him, but he's not having none of it and Poppie in the background encouraging Shamara in her behavior by his laughter.
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... and here is our birthday boy posing for a few shots all by himself.
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This was by far the best part of the evening, watching Trey with the help of mom & dad opened all of his birthday gifts. I know that we all had way more fun than Trey did laughing at how every other present he opened was a pair of shoes and even funnier than that was his reaction every time a new pair was discovered. Earlier in the week Shannon discovered that Trey had outgrown all of his shoes, you can read about that here, and so word got out and we all went shoe shopping and he ended up with 12 new pairs of shoes in various styles, colors, sizes, etc. among his bevy of other gifts. Shannon lists the 12 different types of shoes as well as all his other gifts and who gave him what  in her birthday post which you can read about here.
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Nothing can top his BIG gift from mom & dad - a new Power Wheels Cadillac Escalade by Fisher Price. We all had a ball standing outside watching him drive it around, yeah that's right it took him less than 5 minutes to figure out how to push down on the petal with his foot and off he went... To see a video of him cruising the neighborhood click here for the rest of the story well the pictures will tell it all.
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Trey you are blessed to share your special day with family and friends who are special to us: Great Uncle Norman Guillory from California; Elyse Lever, Erin Brown Randleman & Manuel Sabori (Mom - Stacey Schugg) all from Arizona.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY again Precious Boy!

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