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Thursday, June 17, 2010

We had an early morning flight scheduled to fly to Iowa but it was a little different experience this time. We flew on Allegiant Airlines out of Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport located in Mesa, Arizona. Mark flew once before with them and enjoyed the experience and wanted to do so again this time for two reasons: 1) it's a straight through flight and 2) the fares are much less expensive. The only real downside to flying Allegiant is that from our house it only takes us 5 minutes to get to Sky Harbor, but to get to this airport it's almost an hours drive. So off we went, to visit family and to attend Mark's 30th year class reunion...

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Lots and lots of family, just the thing to pull on my heart strings. Mark didn't tell very many of his family members that he was coming to town, so to say they were surprise is a BIG understatement. He was the cause of many tears but a whole lot of joy. Mark doesn't make it back home to visit as much as I do with my family in Louisiana, something he definitely needs to work on. The years are passing to quickly and you can't ever get back what you're missing out on...

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