Out at the Farm

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Today PaPa and I got to take Trey out to visit Matt & Elena Smith's sod farm in Maricopa. We had a BLAST watching him explore all the "Big Boy" toys out there.  When we first arrived Auntie "E" spoiled him rotten with a brand new cowboy hat and his very own mini sized John Deere tractor.  His little hat matched Uncle Matt's, how cute was that!  He ran through the open fields; climbed tractors, tires, stairs and anything else he could get to; drove/rode in the real John Deere and even got to cut some of the grass.  He rode the tractor way out into the fields with Uncle Matt and PaPa to see some of the other big trucks at work.  We watched the water truck watering the grass and the big tractor that cut the sod into nice even pieces, rolled it and placed it on slats. Watching this big tractor do its thing reminded me of when I was a kid and use to watch Sesame Street and they would take trips to factories and such places and show how things were made. Pretty Cool!  He loved the open fields and would just take off running and didn't want to stop.  We had a wonderful time today sharing this with our special friends and our grandson. Can't wait until we can take Boston...  Thanks Again Matt & Elena, we love you!

AFTER THE FARM we meet up with Auntie Mesha & Auntie Nellie and had lunch at Sun Asian Kitchen.  In all of Trey's 21 months I have not seen him eat as much as he did today.  He had chicken lettuce wraps, crab wontons, broccoli and chicken fried rice.  I think being out on the farm, he really worked up a BIG appetite. After lunch we came back to the house where Trey found out that MiMi had been busy since his last visit...  He discovered his new little climbing gym and basketball goal all put together and just waiting for him to play with.


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