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Friday, April 9, 2010

Today I got to play grandma "MiMi" with Trey, I love those days. I picked him up from dad about 9:00AM and our 1st stop was at Babies R Us for a new car seat. We selected the Safety 1st (Air) Protect complete with revolutionary side impact technology. Whew with all that it sure sounds as if I picked a good one being that I haven't done this for awhile. (We'll get moms approval later in the day.) Next we ran a couple of errands and my thoughts were how much faster I can move in and out of places when it's just me. Haven't done errands with a baby in while either but I love it and I haven't lost my touch haha! Now it was time to stop by the house for a little while until our lunch date with Uncle John.

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Today was his annual birthday lunch over at his business Five G. Here Trey discovered motorcycles (possibly a future gift idea) hint hint mom, dad, PaPa. After our lunch/birthday party celebration we went back home for a nap. This boy can give PaPa a run for his snoring money, dang I should've made a video clip. Make sure you take a look a the picture of Trey's shoes for today, too cute! These are the ones Uncle Ken bought for him to start his collection of hightops - POLO's. After his nap it was time to pick up Sabriya from school and take her to dance. He recognizes her now and it is so cute. When she was walking to the car he got all excited and started talking (his version of talking) and kicking his feet. That was a "smile" moment for me. Off to dance class we go, which means I have a hour to hang out at Lulu's with Angie and Trey got to explore the store (a boutique store with lots of breakable things). Anything that was round he thought was a ball that he could throw... but we didn't break anything mom. He even handled some business calls on Lulu's phone. I took him over to the dance studio for a little while to watch Bri in her Jazz class. He was so adorable, sitting/standing in the classroom doorway. He tried really hard to not sneak into the room but he really wanted to get to Bri so we didn't stay too long.

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