DAY 3 ~ Tana's Move

Saturday, August 8, 2009

She's all set up in her new apartment (I'm still awaiting pictures). Mark & Antoine arrived back home this morning about 5:00 AM. So as she begins her transition into a normal schedule there, I will continue adjusting to her not being here. She says that she thinks she'll be okay, and I know that she will be okay in fact I'm 100% sure that she will do absolutely wonderful. It's me: when thoughts about her being safe crosses my mind. So I remind her to make sure that her truck is always filled with gas, and to always fill up during the day so that she never has to stop for gas after dark. Please be careful when walking to and from her vehicle at work, especially in parking garages. Be careful making new friends. Make sure your doors (car & home) are always locked, put the alarm on. Don't sleep with your windows open even when it's storming outside (it will be tempting). And so on, and so forth . . .

Having a daughter as special as you are . . . makes me happier than I will ever be able to say.

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