DAY 1 ~ Tana's Move

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My heart is heavy, there are moments when it just simply overwhelms me. I watch quitely as she hugs her sisters goodbye. She's trying hard not to cry, they all are, we all are... I'm doing better than expected until she walks toward Shamara and their emotions swell and explode. Shamara says, "Oh Santana don't cry, you gonna make me cry." They embrace and I have to walk away because I can't hold it in any longer. It feels as if someone has shattered my heart, I can't breath... We are on our way to the airport trying to keep the conversation light but it's hard to put words together without the emotion cracking in our voices. We arrive at curb side, take her bags out and she's ready to go. We hug, kiss, and hug some more but it will never be enough. We share our "I love you's!" I have to let go (I do), she has to walk away (she does) taking my heart with her...

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