Hiking Squaw Peak w/Kids

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Due to an very early morning catering yesterday we didn't climb Squaw Peak at 4:30AM so we decided to do it at 6:30PM. I think this is way more insane than 4:30AM because it is WAY TO HOT! We invited the kids along, Shanel, Sabriya & Marcus was all for it. Shamesha said she was ok, meaning NO and Santana just thinks we are crazy and said she was going home to turn on the news to see when the emergency helicopter would come to rescue us (funny). Well, we made it and so did the kids, can't wait until they wake up to see how their muscles will be feeling. Take a look at our photos. FYI: We are doing Squaw Peak & Camelback in the morning, Join Us if you like...

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