Happy 25th Birthday Shanel

Friday, June 3, 2016

There's no bond quite like that between a mother and a child.  I know you in ways no one else ever will.  I see in you all the things you can still become and I will always have faith that you can do whatever you want, no matter what your age.  Your passion for knowledge and exploration are evident on a daily basis.  I am your biggest fan, your mentor, your confidant, your turn to person when things come crashing down and the first person you call to tell when things are going great.

I enjoy the time we spend together.  Most of all I am proud to have you as my daughter and my friend.  The comfort that comes from our relationship is irreplaceable.  I wear your unconditional love for me like a big hug every single day.  I am so blessed to have you.  You are one of my six angels here on earth.  Thank you for always, always being at my side and having my back.  I treasure you and love you more than life itself.

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Nelly!  You make the world a better place.  Love Always, Mommy

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