This Pain Thing...

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

This pain think, this hopping and scooting and pulling and hoisting and no hurrying and patience thing gets old. Very old. After the first day. But after 40+ days, it gets very, very old. Somewhere this existence starts to weigh on you and the gravity of the burden gets heavier and your Mind starts to become vulnerable. It's usually the pain that does it... but sometimes the very act of being 'stuck' strips you for all that you are and beckons you to that slippery bridge toward despair. DON'T GO!

This is when you need to use all the strength you've got to hold on and find your HAPPY PLACE within. What brings you joy? Find beauty in this mess. It's there - FIND IT. Despair does no good. If you need to let it out, by all means cry, swear and then pray. Go there. But only for a short time. No use in staying there. The one thing you DO have control over is your mind, and that dictates your heart. Those two things are so much more important than your physical body. Don't ever forget that.

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