It's Time for a Check-up

Monday, May 23, 2016

Today was my 3 week check up since surgery on May 2nd. I knew that they were going to remove the cast today but for some reason, I didn't put any thought into how that would happen. I have to admit that I had a little anxiety when they told me they would be using a saw to remove it. But it wasn't the type of saw that my mind automatically imagined, it was instead a specialized saw with a flat and rounded metal blade. The teeth of the saw vibrated back and forth at a LOUD, high rate of speed and, thus cutting through the cast but not to the skin underneath. And I'll confess again that even after she started sawing, I was a little on edge that the saw might cut to far down and cut my skin…  After several cuts were made in the cast (along either side) they were able to spread and open the cast to lift it off.  Underneath was an underlying layer of padding and a stockinette that was cut off with scissors.

Okay, time for the reveal…  I WAS NOT READY to see this unsightly scar. This does not look like a minimally invasive surgery although they assured me it was. It was very hard for me to look at on many levels and those pins sticking out, OUCH!  My skin appeared to be different shades; there was so much hair growth (Ugggg, I should brought a shaver.); my foot still look so swollen; and my calf was already so much smaller than the other one. Well at least my pedicure held up pretty well.

Now what I didn't know or remember being told was that the stitches had to be removed today. Okay, now my stomach was in knots.  Removing stitches is no joke for me, I don't like that feeling at all and so I tried to turn away and focus on breathing through it.  They always tell you it's not going to hurt and that it'll be really fast, but neither of those statements are true.  I could feel every clip of each thread.  The slight tugging sensation makes me feel weak and nauseous.  Anyone else feel that way? Just me? Whatever.  I'm definitely a candidate for anesthetic...

Okay, stitches out and I can relax and breath normally again and my ugly foot is cover and I don't have to look at it. Now it's time to re-cast it! Yep, doc said it needs to remain in a cast to limit my foot movement, hold the broken bone in place, keep pain at a distance, and of course to prevent further damage. In three more weeks, they will remove cast again and x-ray to see how fracture is healing.  If it has healed enough, he will put me back into the air cast for several more weeks but if it hasn't then another re-cast…

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