Firefighters Help Toddlers Free Themselves from Locked Bathroom

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Two of my grandchildren (4-year-old Malaysia and 3-year-old RJ) got locked in our guest bathroom due to the lock jamming.  We passed an iPhone through a small crack in the door and had Malaysia take pictures of the lock.  After trying to help them get out for over an hour, we called 911 for assistance.  When the firefighters arrived, we explained the situation and showed them the picture of the lock that Malaysia had taken.  Using that picture, the firefighters asked Malaysia if she knew left from right and which way a clock turned.  She replied. "Yes, my daddy taught me "righty tightly, lefty loosey."  With that info and the picture, they passed a screwdriver through the crack and coached Malaysia through the steps of removing two screws and dismantling the lock.  It took about another 30 minutes or so, but she DID IT, setting herself and her cousin free.

During this ordeal, daughter Shanel decided to "live stream" the event on social media as it was occuring. Thus the result, the incident became a local Valley news story.  Channel 12 News picked up the story and came over to interview the kids and to hear Malaysia tell her version of the entire incident.

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