Happy 32nd Birthday Shannon!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

My admiration for my daughter-in-law transcends her being the wife of my son and mother of my grandchildren. I love and respect her as a woman and as a daughter. It has given me as much pleasure watching her "grow up" as it has watching my own children...  Shannon, I think you are amazing. Your kindness is inspiring and has blessed our whole family.  You are loving to all of us and that means the world to me.  You are thoughtful to those around you, and that is the kind of wife I had hoped Mark would find. You love Jesus, which is the best part of all because that is everything.

People like to joke about the mother-in-law relationship, as if it's destined to be filled with strife.  But I think we've been the exception.  Yes, family dynamics can be difficult... Feelings get hurt, and people get frustrated, but we've chosen to keep a tone of forgiveness amongst us, we have found our common ground, because we both love Mark and we both love the Lord.

As I have said before, you were chosen by God to be a part of our family, and I have enjoyed sharing life with you, creating memories... So today we celebrate you and I hope you feel loved because you truly are...

XOXO, Your Mom-in-Law

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