Why I Cheat!

Sunday, February 21, 2016


Cupcakes, ice cream, brownies, and even a Vanilla Steamer with extra whip cream & caramel on top. These are “no-no’s” in my strict day to day healthy eating choices of mostly grilled chicken and vegetables.  Yes, I am health-conscious. I eat healthy and exercise regularly, so indulging with a sweet treat here and there isn’t going to ruin all my hard work and dedication, and there are actually some benefits to having a “Cheat Meal” or “Cheat Treat” every once in a while. Read on...

·      Reward for my hard work and dedication in the gym.
·      I can enjoy some of my favorite foods without guilt.
·      It keeps me motivated for sticking to my healthy eating the rest of the time.
·      Helps satisfy cravings.
·      It can make eating healthy and dieting more exciting.
·      It helps me to deal with the feeling of restriction I endure while eating healthy day after day.
·      Some health benefits: A cheat meal/treat can reset the hormones responsible for metabolism and insulin regulation, replenish glycogen for increased energy, and keep calorie-burning and fat-torching mechanisms high.

·      Plan ahead, so that your cheat meal fits into your current eating regimen.
·      Pick a meal that will allow you to indulge without going overboard.
·      Eat reasonably, and don’t go back for seconds or get stuffed.
·      Find balance – If you love cheeseburgers, eat only half.
·      Don’t let a cheat meal turn into a cheat day.
·      Build your cheat meals into social situations.
·      Limit temptation by keeping your meal to a specific, predetermined quantity and no “doggy bags.”

A cheat meal, not day is designed to help you stay sane and satisfy your taste buds, not to fill your belly at some all-you-can-eat buffet.  It is exactly what it’s name entails: a meal, not a whole day of cheating. If you follow that simple rule, then your cheat meals will never derail you from living and feeling healthy.

Spent my week at the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show, so boots and fringe were a must! Outfit details below:
Fringe Jacket - T-Party
Tank: Tessa Tank
Denim: American Eagle
Boots: BCBGirls

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