Tips to Help Busy Working Moms Balance L-I-F-E

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

January was a busy month filled with all these marriage things, family things, work things, business things, health things, relationship things, dream things… I have felt the weight of my life roles. However when I get the opportunity to spend time with these beautiful faces who think I’m the best, most awesomest person in the world, the weight is lifted, love fills my heart and I somehow find the energy to do everything I need to. 

It is so easy for working moms to feel overwhelmed, when the pressures of daily life are more evident than ever. The world of technology has made us feel more like robots with the fast pace of cell phone apps, daily emails to be answered, kids to be picked up from school, extra-curricular activities and so forth.

There is good news. We do have a choice to get off the crazy train and make a conscious effort to try and slow our life down.

It’s almost seems like an American trait to overschedule our busy lives. A hectic life creates more stress, which is not only bad for our health, and shrinks our brain capacity, but our children are learning our behavior from us. We can not only teach our children how to organize their lives, but also make our lives better, simpler and more meaningful.

Here are a few simple tips to follow:

1.    Let go of the Guilt.   Pursue peace of mind at home and at work by not feeling alone and joining support groups which focus on other busy working moms, talk with friends and realize you are alone.

2.    Get Your Family Organized the Night Before. Choose your outfit and your child’s outfit the night before, pack lunches, backpacks, your work bag, and place them next to the exit door (with your car keys). You may even have extra time to share breakfast together!

3.    Plan a Family Schedule and Alternate Duties with your Partner (Weekly) Who buys groceries. Who cooks meals. Who gets child/children dressed. What night is pizza night (just take a night off from cooking).

4.    Create a Family Calendar (Prioritize and Add) Birthdays, Bills due, Chore Chart, Family Events, School Events.

5.  Set 15 Minutes Aside over the weekend to review family schedule and eliminate scheduling surprises!  *Google has a color-coded app which is easily shared and synced on smartphones! Taking the time to make positive changes in your life will free you from additional stress. Give it a try! I look forward to sharing more tips with you soon..

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ABOUT THOSE TSHIRTS... Aren't they adorable??? You can find those at Rachel Hudgens Etsy shop ~ Twenty6Designs. When I saw these, I was like, "somebody made those just for me." 


Renae said...

Adorable kiddos!!

ebonyblu said...

They are adorable!

Anna said...

Renae & Sheila THANK YOU! XOXO

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