More Tips to Help Busy Working Moms Balance L-I-F-E

Friday, February 19, 2016

Can being exhausted, overjoyed, hopeful, burdened, shocked, sticky, grateful and impressed exist simultaneously? My heart and body say yes today… It has been some long (18 hrs), hard and chaotic days the last 4 weeks, with 8 days at Barrett-Jackson, 11 at Arabian Horse Show, and it's not over yet. We will maintain this level through March and most of April…

As I mentioned in my last post, it's never easy being a mom trying to juggle a full-time career with a family life. I have more tips for you busy moms on how you can reach an ideal career-life balance. Organization is key when it comes to maintaining a happy household. What better way to keep your family organized than to:

6. Establish a Command Center
This would by your Family Meeting Spot where all important shared keys, calendars, batteries, chargers (phones, etc.), petty cash (sitter $, emergency $) can be kept.  Of course, the younger kids do not need access to the petty cash.  Any important phone numbers and papers can be kept at your Family Meeting Spot as well.  This is also your dedicated place in case of an  emergency.  Your new Family Command Center will save time and improve efficiency for everyone!

7. Make Time for Yourself
All busy moms need to recharge their batteries.  Delegate certain chores to your hubby or another family member, while you schedule a small chuck of time to hit the gym, walk, or share a cup of coffee with a friend (for me it's getting a mani/pedi every other week).  Meet with another mom who may be in the same boat… just realizing you are not alone will help you feel like you have part of your life back. 

8. Communicate with Your Employer
Construct a brief written plan, detailing your needs.  You may need to pick up your child on Tuesdays and Thursdays or need to take your child to upcoming dentist and doctor appointments.  Research whether other employees have flexible arrangements and use this to your advantage.  All employers are different and only you truly know your needs.  Be as open and honest as possible… and be prepared for Plan B, in case your employer is not as flexible to your needs.

9. Stay Connected During the Day
Stay connected with your child when you cannot be together.  During your breaks at work, call your child and record your voice (if you have younger children).  If you have older children and you may be late for a special event, give them something to look forward to (like a personal note or a heartfelt token next to their breakfast spot, a text message, etc.).  Your child will be comforted knowing you care and it may get them through a rough day.

10. Avoid Daily Distractions
Set time limits when checking your emails/phone calls.  You can follow up with emails when your kids are asleep.  Maximize your time with family in the evenings.  When at work, avoid excessive email exchanges with co-workers, gossip and extra long lunches.  These are daily distractions that make you less productive.

Just remember that your family bond is the most important bond you have and if you make time for your family, it allows everyone to grow closer.  Even simple family breakfast or a family game night can create memories to last a lifetime.

Stay tuned for some more Tips for some Incredible Family Gatherings!

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