Happy 31st Birthday Ken

Saturday, February 6, 2016

This picture says it all for me... Ken, I don’t tell you often enough that I am proud of you… I don’t even know that there are words to adequately describe how proud I am. I have silently (okay sometimes) watched your struggles over the last few years, and I have quietly enjoyed having a front row seat in seeing you overcome them. Each chapter you experience had a specific lesson that God, in His all-knowing wisdom, knew that you must learn. Hopefully the painful chapters drew you near to Him and the joyful chapters are illuminating the glory and wonder of our world. Both are important.
It takes strength of character and confidence to be successful in life, especially for a man. You are finding your voice and moving forward in positions of leadership. God will rely on you to use that leadership to model the qualities of a good, honest and loving man. You have been blessed with height and people will look up to you during your lifetime, the important thing is to make them want to… But no matter what you accomplish or don’t, in my eyes, you’re successful if you love God first and others second. Always remember this is true success.
More than anything else, I celebrate you today for the most important role you will ever play… Thank you for being the first man Malaysia will ever love. She would be completely lost in this world without you and I am whole-heartedly convinced that God knew exactly what he was doing when he chose you to be her dad. Thank you for all the small decisions you make on a daily basis that she will never know about. For all the bedtime stories you read to her, even on those days when you’ve put extra hours in at work. For keeping her happiness and independence before everything else. For being her favorite playmate, playing Barbies, watching Sophia... although you would much rather be watching a game. If she could put her little thoughts into words and onto paper, she would say., “Thank you Daddy, for giving me wings to fly.
Happy 31st Birthday Ken, you are loved and valued more than you know.

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