Monday, August 11, 2014

And ready or not it's time and there are some jitters... wondering about getting the locker open on the first try, making new friends and who she'll sit by at lunch. And that's just me LOL! But Lord, you urge us not to worry so instead I'm praying this over her today: I pray you will be near her when I can't be. I pray if she doesn't feel your presence, she will seek you and discover you are right there with her. I pray you will surround her with peace and comfort in every situation. I pray when she is pressured you will help her stand strong and that her good friends in Christ will stand beside her. I pray that 6 AM won't come as early this year. I pray when she fails she will forgive herself and try again. I pray she will befriend those that are new, lonely or both. I pray she will be a blessing to her teachers and that you will bless her with Godly teachers as you have in the past. I pray she will have fun. I pray she will let her light shine, quietly or loudly, but in her own way. I pray homework will be light and not become Home. Work. I pray that you will help me to trust her choices, let her go when it's hard and pull her close when she needs me the most. I pray above all God that you would use her challenges, disappointments and victories to draw her closer to you this school year. Thank you Father for every gift, Amen!

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