Happy 6th Birthday Trey

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Trey, today as we celebrate your 6th birthday, I am remembering how unprepared I was for the feelings that came with your birth, that first grandchild. Even being the experienced mom that I was, I was surprised by how much joy your arrival brought me and how quickly it came. You had me at first sight... all of a sudden I felt a rush of emotion and you were mines forever... and each year you just keep tightening that grasp. I love your questions and inquisitive mind, your sweet smile, your desire to be helpful, your independence, your affection, your winning "must be first" competitive attitude LOL! And I love that when you are at MiMi's house how you don't let anyone keep you from my side for long #persistence But one of my most favorite things about you is your caring spirit, which makes you the BEST big brother and oldest cousin ever. We are blessed beyond belief to have you with us. On this special day, I pray for you that all your days will be filled with the wonder of God's great love for you. Happy 6th Bday!

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