Because of Him - Easter 2014

Sunday, April 20, 2014

I hope you and your family received many blessings this Easter.  We celebrated today and with it came all sorts of excitement and fun. Easter is a magical time when you're a kid. The thought of a magical Easter Bunny who comes and leaves Easter eggs for you to find and who also leaves you small presents is beyond exciting. In addition to all the Easter magic, the weather was beautiful and so we got to spend time outside while the children had fun running, jumping and climbing — which only added to the magic and excitement.  The Easter Bunny is fun and exciting — especially when you're a kid. But remember that Easter wasn't originally about the Easter Bunny. Even if you don't follow a particular faith, taking your children to a worship service can be a cultural experience for them and broaden their thoughts beyond the superficial Easter presents and egg hunts.  Here are a few pictures of the family, but none of us all together this year…  Ken and Shamara took Malaysia to Dallas to spend the holiday with his family.  Santana is still in Connecticut on her nursing assignment.  Mark2, Shannon and the kids came over to have lunch with us after celebrating Easter morning with her family. ETERNALLY GRATEFUL! ABUNDANTLY BLESSED!


Renae said...

Happy Easter and love the beautiful family photos!

Anna said...

Thank you Renae and your Easter pictures were just as lovely!

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