Family Photo Shoot: EXPOSED!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

I'm taking you behind the scenes of our recent family photo session. My hope is that it will enlighten you all of what we go through when we plan this annual portrait session, LOL!  This year we chose our friend and photographer Jackie Lindfors / Everydayness Photography.  She's amazing! Wait til you see what she captured for us.  And when you consider what she was working with... you'll be doubly impressed!  There was a tear or two... stains on white shirts and bribery for one more sweet smile. The moral of the story is: it's never easy to get kids to sit for very long (and that goes DOUBLE for some adults - reference some of the pics below), so that there's at least one picture of everyone looking at the camera, much less smiling, and much less it being the best angle... Don't get me started on the tantrums because of who was touching or not touching each other. It's always a lot of work to make this happen, but make no mistake, to have these images... telling my story of our happy chaos... It was all worth it!   LOVE US!

Perfect example: "It's not easy to get kids (adult kid, far left) to sit for very long...

Here's some of that "touching" I was talking about... RJ thought it was the funniest thing to pull Boston's hair.

Malaysia & RJ are in some deep discussions here...

It took all of this (top 5 photos) to get this one... Lesson learned: it is darn near impossible to line up and touch feet together... but it was a whole lot of laughter!

Muscle Man - PaPa

When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses.

Merry Christmas!

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Unknown said...

Just Beautiful as always!
Merry Christmas!!!!!

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