Halloween 2013

Thursday, October 31, 2013

This was how we started off our Halloween celebration this year... I think these first three pictures are hilarious! I'm not sure who, but one of the adults in the gang was taking pictures of us trying take pictures of the 5 Grands!

Believe me, there were tons of shots of these 5 but this is the best one with all of them looking toward the general area of a camera lens, and wouldn't you know it's blurry.

Here are the boys trying to teach Malaysia how to ride on the scooter.

The adults having dinner before we go out Trick-a-Treating! Shannon & Mark had us over for dinner before heading out, she made white chili and it was YUMMY!

Our Halloween Cast:
Trey as Nascar driver Jimmy Johnson
Boston as a Minon
Malaysia as Princess Tiana
Lola as a Strawberry
RJ as Clark Kent aka Superman

YES, this is how we ROLL! It took all of this (12 adults) to take 5 little kids out to go trick or treating...  No bullies were going to steal their candy, LOL!

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